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Where Do You Want Your Future Financial Roadmap to Take You?

Bringing Your Entire Picture Together: One Piece at a Time

Life is full of milestones. Starting your career, getting married, growing your family, starting a business, and retiring are just some of the amazing things we experience. We seek to simplify complex financial terms and investment options, offer honest advice, and help you navigate life.

At TJP Wealth Solutions, we approach your financial picture from a wide-angle lens and build long-term, trusted relationships, while working to pursue your goals. To us, you’re not just a number or one portfolio of many. You're our priority, and we have built our firm around helping you succeed. Contact us today to get started.

Women on the Verge

Focused on You

Creating financial wellness and personal empowerment through education and community

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Time and Money Freedom Methodology™

Helping RNs NPs and other HealthCare Professionals retire 5-10 Years sooner

Money is an important part of financial freedom. But, it’s simply a vehicle to pursue living your best life. You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time. Knowing this distinction can help you build wealth in a way that frees up your time so you can be truly wealthy.

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Business Owner Blueprint System

Maximizing Finances for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Our system helps business owners and entrepreneurs take your business to the next level. By developing and implementing a clear action plan, we can help address business cash flow, potential tax traps, and maximize earnings and profitability for your business.

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