Steve Munz

Financial Advisor

Steve Munz is the newest addition to TJP Wealth Solutions. He brings with him over three years of experience in the financial services industry. Steve supports Tom to implement the various financial strategies and solutions that are unique to each individual client.

He believes his previous six years as a personal trainer were an ideal foundation for his work as a financial advisor. Like a great personal trainer, a great financial advisor helps clients navigate the noise and put together a plan that fits their specific wants, needs, and goals. Wanting to get in shape for a marathon and wanting to pack on 10 pounds of muscle are two very different goals that require different paths forward. Similarly, preparing financially for a family looks very different than preparing for retirement.

As an advisor, his role is to help develop the specific plan that makes sense for what his clients want to accomplish. Away from the business, he enjoys spending time with his family, grueling CrossFit workouts, recreational basketball, getting lost in a good book and watching his favorite sporting teams which include the Dallas Cowboys, New York Knicks, and New York Islanders.

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