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Healthcare Professionals

A study done by Kronos Inc. in 2017 uncovered some alarming discoveries.

  • 98 percent of hospital nurses reported their work is mentally and physically demanding
  • 85 percent of the surveyed group said their jobs make them fatigued overall
  • 63 percent of the nurses noted that their work has resulted in nurse burnout
  • 41 percent of the surveyed group have considered changing hospitals in the past year (2017) due to burnout
With no clear solution to these issues in sight it is easy to understand why the burnout rate for nurses is so high and why all nurses would retire early if they could. What’s stopping them?

The financial landscape has changed drastically over the years. The cost of school/ College debt is sky rocketing, pensions are becoming extinct, the national debt is increasing at an alarming rate, threats of significantly higher tax rates are looming, the cost of living is growing by the day, and market volatility has the power to handicap anyone’s retirement dreams faster than you can “intake” a patient. The list of complications to ones dignified retirement is growing fast enough to make anyone sick to their stomach.

How do we diagnose and cure these financial ailments?

✅By analyzing and maximizing your current cash flow
✅Increasing your savings capability
✅Eliminating debt in a structured and concise manner
✅Protecting your income
✅Minimizing or complexly eliminating your tax liability today and in retirement

Most nurses have the discipline, income, and opportunity to achieve what everyone wants: “Time and Money Freedom.” When done correctly the fruits of your hard labor will be rewarded with the ability to choose when and how you leave the profession and what quality of life you will receive for your years of SELF-LESS service. I will help you achieve that result quicker and with less complications along the way than if you were to do it on your own.